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Is Blue Lizard Sunscreen Reef Safe?

We all are becoming more of the environment around us and want to protect our oceans and what lives in our oceans. We use suncream to protect our skin from

How To Break In A Wetsuit?

If you just have bought a new wetsuit it can feel a bit tight and uncomfortable. Simply new wetsuits can be like new shoes they just need to be broken
face to shark

Are Sharks Attracted To Yellow?

Did you ever wonder if sharks are attracted by things other than blood? It is extremely rare that scuba divers are attacked by sharks but there are shark attacks but
suncream protection

Is Neutrogena Sunscreen Reef Safe?

One of the best things about summer is the sun as well as people, in general, are in a better mood. With that, people who are out in the sun

How To Make A Wetsuit Smaller?

If you are in the market for a new wetsuit or have bought a new wetsuit, it is important to ensure that your wetsuit is fit tight when you put
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Can You Sweat Underwater?

When you start out into scuba diving you wonder about what to wear underneath a wetsuit, trying to figure out the correct weights to use and learning how to use
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How Long Do Rebreathers Last?

Rebreathers have been growing in popularity in the last few years with recreational divers. Scuba rebreathers are not new, they were created by Cousteau back in 1944. Rebreathers are commonly
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How Deep Can You Dive Without Having To Decompress Stop?

Safety is an important aspect of scuba diving. One of the main safety techniques that every scuba diver is trained to do when finishing their dive is to do a
Manta Rays

Are Manta Rays Dangerous To Humans?

One of the reasons to go scuba diving is to see the wide range of marine life. One of the popular species of marine life to see is the manta
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