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scuba diving bubbles

How To Conserve Air While Scuba Diving?

Managing your air supply when scuba diving is important in scuba diving. And is an important skill to get right but it does take practice to get it right which
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Buoyancy In Saltwater Vs Freshwater While Scuba Diving

Buoyancy is an important part of scuba diving. It is an important skill to get your buoyancy right as this enables you to glide effortlessly through the water at any
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scuba diver in bg

How To Clear Ears After Diving?

While scuba diving is a fun pastime there are a few nuisances such as yours ears getting blocked after you are finished diving for the day. This is relatively normal,
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great white sharks

Is It Safe To Swim With Great White Sharks?

Did you ever wonder if was safe to swim with great white sharks? We have all seen films with great white sharks attacking people and then there are the tourist
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scuba diving instructor

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Diving Instructor?

Did you ever wonder what qualifications you would need to become a diving instructor? One of the benefits of becoming a dive instructor is that it can give you the
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wetsuit on surfer broad

Can You Put A Wetsuit In The Washing Machine?

It is always tempting after a long day of scuba diving to want to take a shortcut and throw the wetsuit in the washing machine. Remember that you should take
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Leopard Sharks

Are Leopard Sharks Dangerous To Humans?

One of the reasons people get started with scuba diving is that it gives divers the chance to see what lives underwater. Sharks are always popular and are something people
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tumble dryers in cleaners

Can You Tumble Dry Wetsuits?

We all want to dry out our wetsuit after scuba diving as quickly as possible. You should take care of your wetsuit properly as this guarantees to extend the lifespan
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Is Blue Lizard Sunscreen Reef Safe?

We all are becoming more of the environment around us and want to protect our oceans and what lives in our oceans. We use suncream to protect our skin from
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