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knife for diving

How To Wear A Dive Knife?

The question of how to wear a dive knife is not a commonly asked question. There are not many scuba divers who feel the need to bring knives with them
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diving scuba

How Long Does A Drysuit Last?

Drysuits help to keep you dry while also they protect you from rocks and marine life. It is important to invest in a good-quality drysuit. The prices for a good
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diver diving

How Do You Clean Scuba Goggles?

Scuba diving is a fun hobby to take part in but there is the downside of maintaining your diving equipment particularly after your dive. Learning how to maintain your diving
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scuba diving suit

Do You Have To Wear A Wetsuit When Scuba Diving?

We all have our own personal options for wetsuits. We all know how awkward a wetsuit can be to put on and it can be as challenging to take off
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scuba diving regulator

What’s The Difference Between A Balanced Piston Vs Unbalanced Piston?

Scuba diving involves learning about diving equipment. The scuba regulator is one of the main components of your scuba equipment. The scuba regulator manages the pressure of the supply of
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scuba diving getting out

What Do You Wear Underneath A Wetsuit?

Going scuba diving and are wondering what do you wear underneath a wetsuit? It is a commonly asked question not only by new scuba divers but by surfers, snorkelers, and
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dive tanks equipment

Does Air Go Bad In Scuba Tanks?

Does air go bad in scuba tanks is an interesting question. Technically speaking, that properly filtered air in a good clean tank should never go bad. It has been known
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Split Fin vs Full Fin

Split Fin Vs Full Fin, What Is The Difference Between Them?

There is always the question around the scuba diving fins, like what is the difference between the split fin to the full fin, and does one have the advantage over
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diver learning

How Long Does A Tank Of Oxygen Last When Scuba Diving?

The question of how long does a tank of oxygen lasts when scuba diving is a common question when going scuba diving. The overly simple answer is about an hour.
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