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How To Snorkel With Glasses?

Are you one of those people who needs to wear glasses? And want to go snorkeling but are wondering if you can wear glasses while snorkeling and will your glasses
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Why Does Scuba Gear Have Serial Numbers?

When you are scuba diving with your scuba gear, there are things that you need to have. Such as masks, fins, scuba tanks, and BCD (buoyancy control devices) are all
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Do Boots Go Under Or Over Wetsuit?

Do boots go under or over a wet suit? This is a question often asked by scuba divers, it’s a question that has even plagued the minds of many for
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Can You Use Dish Soap On Snorkel Fins?

Snorkel fins and scuba diving fins play an important part in the overall snorkeling experience or scuba diving experience but they can be a hassle to clean. Some people recommend
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How To Inflate Safety Sausage Underwater?

When you go scuba diving you will notice at the end of the scuba dive that the dive leader will start to inflate a safety sausage. This is something that
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The Giant Stride

What To Wear Under A Drysuit?

If you are going scuba diving can be now curious about what to wear under a dry suit. It is a question that is asked by not only newbies scuba
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How To Make A Wetsuit Smaller?

If you are in the market for a new wetsuit or have bought a new wetsuit, it is important to ensure that your wetsuit is fit tight when you put
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How Long Do Rebreathers Last?

Rebreathers have been growing in popularity in the last few years with recreational divers. Scuba rebreathers are not new, they were created by Cousteau back in 1944. Rebreathers are commonly
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How To Wear A Dive Knife?

The question of how to wear a dive knife is not a commonly asked question. There are not many scuba divers who feel the need to bring knives with them
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