How Do You Make Bubble Rings Underwater?

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How Do You Make Bubble Rings Underwater?

We all know that scuba diving is a fun past time. We have all seen more experienced scuba divers like your divemaster or buddy blowing bubble rings underwater. Properly doing it at the safety stop. They mostly do it for fun plus it is a fun way to pass the time at the safety stop. So, how do you make bubble rings underwater?

To do make bubble rings underwater requires a little practice and patience in calm clean waters. You can even practice in a swimming pool as they can be formed within a couple of feet from the surface. It does appear to be difficult but is actually simple to master.

In today’s post, we will go through in more detail how do you make bubble rings underwater, so let’s get started!

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What is A Bubble Ring?

A bubble ring in the simplest sense is a ring of air that spins in the water towards the surface. In a more scientific sense, it is air bubbles trapped in an underwater vortex ring creating a bracelet effect. Wit the water around the air moves in a poloidal field propelling the bubbles to the surface.

What is An Underwater Vortex?

Firstly, a Vortex is a proper term for a whirlpool. An underwater vortex is created when two opposing currents meet and swirling water is formed.